Kite Surfing at Lakawon

Our Packages

Kite Discovery Package

GOAL: For students to learn basic Kite control and appreciate the power of the wind harnessed by the kite.

Course Outline:

  • Basic Kite Control & Safety
  • Basic Body Dragging Techniques


  • 1 hour session
  • Includes all equipment
  • Php2,000 per student
  • Does not include transport to venue
  • Does not include food and lodging
  • Subject to wind availability

At the end of the session, students should be ready to take a full course and progress to an Independent Kiteboarder!


Full Course Package

GOAL: Transform a complete beginner to an Independent or Intermediate Kiteboarder.

Course Outline:

  • Wind & Kite Theory / Site Survey / Safety / Pre-Flight Check
  • Kite Launching & Landing
  • Water Relaunch / Body Dragging / Self Rescue
  • Water Start and Riding (one or both directions)


  • Maximum of 9 hours per course
  • Overnight stay required. However, a 2 night stay is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  • Php 20,000.00 per student
  • Includes all equipment
  • Does not include transport to venue
  • Does not include transport to venue
  • Subject to wind availability

At the end of this course, you should be able to  do short rides to one or both directions — and earn you ID Skill Level Certificate!


  • Catch up lessons are at Php2,000 per hour/student
  • Private lessons are Php7,000 per student (4 hours)

Kite Camps

Perfect for team buildings, corporate outings, weekend bonding sessions, reunions, or simply a barkada weekend adventure!

Have an “Adventure Weekend” with a twist! These are organized for a minimum of 4 students or up to as much as 25 students.  These kite camp packages offer an experience for groups seeking something out of the usual weekend get-away activities.

Consists of:

  • 3 hour Kite Discovery Lessons designed for group sessions
  • Learn Basic Kite control and appreciate Body Dragging in the water
  • Overnight Stay (4 pax – Bamboo Huts)
  • Meals
    • Day 1: Lunch / Dinner / 2 Beers   (There is always a sundown fun party!)
    • Day 2: Breakfast / Lunch / End of Kite Camp (de-brief)
  • Includes all equipment
  • Package Price: Php 4,500 per person (MINIMUM OF 4 PAX)
  • Does not include Transport to venue
  • Subject to Wind availability

Notes: (Applies to all course packages)

  • Dependent on wind conditions (maybe postponed or deferred if forecasted wind does not come/delayed)
    • Alternative activities like kayak or SUP may be made available to students, for their own account.
  • Non-refundable if “no-show”
  • Full payment required before session
  • Kite Discovery and Full Courses are pre-booked and arranged with PCKA for availability of instructors (and wind)
  • Kite Camps are organized by PCKA and Lakawon Island Resorts & Spa


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